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Don’t just take our word for it - here are some kind words from our clients

“Very pleased with the job. The house looks fabulous and very very clean!”

Georgina Robbins, Chigwell, Essex

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Latest Blog Articles

    Commercial cleaners, Chelsea and the impact on company branding…

    12/02/2016 The cleaning industry demands perfection and so does the retail industry.   When it comes to showcasing new products and designs, the need for perfection is profound. To say that a showroom needs to be spotless is an understatement. The displays must be sparkling and inviting, fresh yet exotic. Dust is a distasteful accompaniment to the ambience […]

    Builders cleaners and compliance

    There are thousands of cleaning companies out there claiming to be experienced Builders cleaners but tread carefully as there is a growing trend in domestic cleaning providers adding Builders cleaning on as an extra service without really knowing what it entails or what is required of them legally. At BRS, Builders cleaning is what we […]

    ‘Cowboy’ cleaners in construction

    The term ‘Cowboy builder’ is a familiar one and the property and construction industries are renown for having such dubious traders in abundance. On the rise, however, is the use of the term ‘Cowboy cleaner’…   If you type ‘cleaning companies’ into any search engine, the results are overwhelming, even if you do try to […]

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