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    What is Fogging Disinfection and why should you use it

    20/08/2020 During these challenging times for our nation, many companies are trying their best to keep their services running and preventing this country’s economy from facing difficult times. As a cleaning contractor, we have been providing fogging disinfection to many of our clients and the results have been fantastic. Many deep cleaning companies in London […]

    Back to Work Cleaning

    -23/04/2020- With the potential end of the official lock down in sight, many are turning their attention toward planning and preparing for the return to work/ return to office. This planning process will involve making sure that Government guidelines are followed and that the workplace is made as safe and clean as possible ready to […]

    Coronavirus: Its impact on Small Business owners & the Construction industry

    09/04/20 It is a challenging time for us all right now but for small business owners, the pressure is immense. From an individual perspective, we all have bills to pay, a family to feed and a roof to keep over our head. But while the unemployed are offered financial support from the Government to help […]

    Deep cleaning, positivity and Coronavirus

    20/03/2020 At BRS we are facing new challenges  daily and doing our best to stay positive, adapting to the situation and learning as we go along. As a Deep cleaning services provider and Responsive cleaning specialists, we have a role and a duty within the community to serve and join the front line in the fight […]

    Coronavirus cleaning…

    11/03/2020 -What is the Coronavirus? From washing our hands extra thoroughly, to frantically re-applying hand sanitiser and deep cleaning surfaces with disinfectant, the Coronavirus is the villain that we are all currently battling against,  and it seems to be terrifying us all more than terrorist threats or the prospect of another Economic recession. We as […]

    The 2nd decade of the 21st Century

    12-02-2020 We are in the second month of the new year and we can already feel a wave of change upon us. The UK has left the EU, a new virus is alarming the world, technology is improving daily, people are becoming bombarded by all of the information available from all types of media. And […]

    End of Year Review

    19-12-2020 Key events in 2019 With the end of year fast approaching, it is the ideal opportunity for us to reflect on the past year, and to review our progress and any challenges faced. 2019 has been a very productive year for BRS with many different achievements, awards and significant projects undertaken. Such achievements have […]

    The impact of Builders cleaning on the environment

    11/11/19 Builders cleaning and the environment Most chemicals used in the construction and cleaning industries are harmful for humans, animals, plants and the environment. For instance, when cleaning companies use strong cleaning products such as bleach or other hazardous products to clean buildings and houses, solutions are drained down the sinks. Water is mixed with […]

    Award winning Builders cleaners…

    -21/10/19- From owning and managing a specialist Builders cleaners company to being national recognised award-winning company, which started off as merely a humble conversation between a husband and wife Back in June 2013, with nothing but a few cloths in the back of a Fiat and a laptop in our small flat, we launched BRS […]

    Builders cleaning and mental health

    11/10/19 Builders cleaning and mental health awareness With yesterday being World Mental Health Awareness day, I felt the need to pause and reflect on the impact that occupations within the construction industry and in particular, the Builders cleaning industry, could potentially have on the mental health of an individual. The focus in the construction industry […]

    The emergence of ‘ Builders cleaning ’ as a trade

    -28/09/2019- The emergence of ‘ Builders cleaning ’ as a trade Running a cleaning company might at first thought seem as simple as taking a few clothes, brooms and mops. For those who specialise in Builders cleaning however, it is much more complex. Background to Builders cleaning In the last decade, as the UK has […]

    The impact of Brexit on the Builders cleaning industry

    -03/09/2019- What impact will Brexit have on the Builders cleaning industry in the UK? Brexit has been a hot topic in the UK and across Europe since 2016; as Great Britain voted to leave the European Union changing its relationship to the bloc on trade, security and migration. Europe is Britain’s most important export market […]

    HG Southwark

    -02/08/20219- HG Southwark We are delighted to be working again with our valued client HG Construction. We have been awarded the contract for a builders clean and sparkle clean of 57 1 bedroom homes which are spread over 7 floors. The site for HG Southwark consists of homes designed to offer a feeling of space […]

    Highlights of 2018

    -23/01/2019- Since BRS was born, our mission was to become one of the leading Builders cleaning companies in London and the south of UK. BRS started as just a humble husband and wife venture and so to begin with, trying to put our micro company on the map was a bit of a challenge. However with […]

    The importance of professional End of tenancy cleans

    -02/06/2018- A tenancy agreement has many points that must be signed for, and leaving the property clean at the end of a tenancy is part of it. In many situations it is a legal requirement to carry out a professional end of tenancy clean which will then lead to a much safer environment for the […]

    What is a Builders clean?

    -14/05/2018- There is a big difference between a Builders clean and a domestic clean, the first is a thorough clean at the end of a project while the second is a light clean to a domestic property on a regular basis. Building is a messy job, especially if other trades such as the plasterers and […]

    Choosing a Builders cleaning subcontractor

    -02/03/2018- Choosing a new Builders cleaning Subcontractor Trusting a project in the hands of a new Builders cleaning subcontractor can be a worrisome decision. Fears of bad workmanship and worries of failing to meet client deadlines can lead to surveyors and contracts managers to consistently sticking to the same supplier, even if their price is […]

    Builders cleaners London

    -09/02/2018- Professional After Builders cleaners are obligated to cleaning a specific property from top to bottom including cleaning internal and external glazing, sills and frames, ensuring to remove excess paint, mortar, concrete and grout splashes, dusting ceiling coving and wiping walls, skirting boards and all surfaces to remove dust and removing excess paint and grouting […]

    Commercial cleaners, Chelsea and the impact on company branding…

    12/02/2016 The cleaning industry demands perfection and so does the retail industry.   When it comes to showcasing new products and designs, the need for perfection is profound. To say that a showroom needs to be spotless is an understatement. The displays must be sparkling and inviting, fresh yet exotic. Dust is a distasteful accompaniment to the ambience […]

    Builders cleaners and compliance

    -11/10/2015- There are thousands of cleaning companies out there claiming to be experienced Builders cleaners but tread carefully as there is a growing trend in domestic cleaning providers adding Builders cleaning on as an extra service without really knowing what it entails or what is required of them legally. At BRS, Builders cleaning is what […]

    ‘Cowboy’ cleaners in construction

    -10/10/2015- The term ‘Cowboy builder’ is a familiar one and the property and construction industries are renown for having such dubious traders in abundance. On the rise, however, is the use of the term ‘Cowboy cleaner’…   If you type ‘cleaning companies’ into any search engine, the results are overwhelming, even if you do try […]

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