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“We use BRS regularly so called them to carry out a full End of Tenancy clean on a large property, we had a very tight schedule and a lot to do in that short time. To have the new tenants move in and make a point of saying what a lovely job the cleaners had done is a rare thing. Thank you for another job well done. We will be calling again soon.”

Rebecca Hawes, Property Manager, Lawlors Estates and Lettings, Loughton, Essex

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Domestic Deep Cleaning

Coronavirus domestic deep cleaning

BRS cleaners are Responsive cleaning specialists with particular experience in deep cleaning and it is therefore our duty to respond to the needs of our clients, especially during unprecedented times such as those that we are in at present.

The Coronavirus outbreak has shaken the world and as a result, people have been turning their attention to deep cleaning, and we have thus experienced an increase in demand for our Domestic deep cleaning service.

We are currently offering the following domestic deep cleaning services:

  • Coronavirus Deep Cleaning & Disinfecting for domestic and residential properties as well as shared accommodation and communal areas
  • Fogging
  • Antiviral cleaning and sanitisation
We currently offer the following options for Coronavirus Deep cleaning and Antiviral cleans of domestic properties:

1. Disinfection of all visible and accessible areas with fogging machine – this is the quickest solution and the cheapest, and also gives a fast turnaround. This is particularly recommended for large properties.

2. A manual deep clean of all areas from top to bottom including disinfecting touch points by hand – this is the most thorough method but is also the most time consuming and is not always practical for large properties.

 3. A combination of the above 2 methods – fogging of all visible areas with the fogging machine and then focusing on disinfecting touch points by hand – this is the method that we would recommend for most properties as it is both quick and practical

4. Fogging of all areas combined with a thorough manual deep clean and further disinfecting of the entire property by hand – this is the golden choice but is inevitably is the most time consuming and thus the most expensive of these options.

Click here to read more about coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting 

Other types of Domestic Deep Cleaning

Pre-sale cleaning

Our bespoke domestic deep cleaning service is very popular with clients who are struggling to sell their property. We work both independently of and in conjunction with home staging companies to boost the sales potential of your property. The difference that a deep clean can make really is astonishing – we can remove stains from walls, remove limescale from the bathroom and grime from the kitchen. Tiles, surfaces and glazing will shine like new and a pleasant and fresh atmosphere will welcome new prospective buyers through the door. A steam clean of your carpeted floors will add to this freshness.

We also work in partnership with other trades such as painters and decorators to work together to prepare your property for market and can provide a tailored package to meet your needs which could include a combination of deep cleaning, garden maintenance, handyman services and painting and decorating.

For Estate agents who are in regular contact with those struggling to sell their properties, we offer lucrative incentives if you recommend our Pre-sale cleans to your clients.

To take advantage of such offers or to arrange a clean, call BRS today on 01992 676 392 or Book a clean now online.

Domestic Deep Cleaning

Move-in/Pre-tenancy cleaning/End of tenancy cleaning

On the other hand, perhaps you have just bought a new house and found it to be so filthy that you’re scared to move in until it has been scrubbed from top to bottom, fresh and hygienic ready for your family to move in. This is similar to our End of tenancy cleans and more information about this popular service can be found here. We have had many clients who have bought a property and been convinced they needed to do lots of renovation immediately and prior to moving in. However after a deep clean from BRS they were amazed at the results – their properties were ready to live in so that they could begin their renovation works at their own pace. Again we can assist with both a deep clean and arranging some maintenance of your property such as redecorating and garden maintenance.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements 01992 676 392 or info@brscontractors.co.uk

Spring cleaning

Similarly, perhaps your current property is in need of a revamp. A spring clean from BRS can transform your home making it feel like new. BRS carry out spring cleaning all year round – a spring clean is not limited to spring! Like an initial house clean; it is basically a very intensive deep clean of your entire home (or specified areas) from top to bottom including all appliances such as the oven and fridge/freezer and furniture according to your requirements. As a minimum, we recommend an annual spring clean and once you have booked your first spring clean with us we will set a reminder to contact you once your next one is due.

Call BRS today to take advantage of this service 01992 676392

Periodic deep cleaning

To keep your home in truly tip-top condition however we recommend not only an annual spring clean but a series of periodic cleaning. This is a niche service offered by BRS as part of our domestic deep cleaning package.

We offer an innovative solution to the traditional concept of having a domestic cleaner for 2 hours or so a week. Instead we create a tailored cleaning schedule for our clients and propose that you combine methods of speed cleaning with deep cleaning. It is very difficult to keep a property clean if it was never fully clean to begin with. Therefore we suggest that you start with a professional clean of the whole property and everything in it – that way everything is clean and hygienic and it is much easier to maintain with light ‘speed’ cleans from yourself. We would then recommend booking in a periodic deep clean to refresh areas that require more professional attention such as the oven and the bathroom.

The ethos of our company is that we like to make a difference and impact on the future of those we come in contact with. Popping in just for 1 hour or so doesn’t really allow us to make much of a difference and so when we carry out our deep cleans we like to encourage our customers to maintain it themselves and we continually offer them tips to do so via email updates and product recommendations. Every customer is different and so we propose a cleaning plan of action depending on your lifestyle and requirements and schedule periodic cleans to suit – these could be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.

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If you are thinking about booking a deep clean for your property call us for a free quote 01992 676392 or Book a clean now online.

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